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Dinosaurs at SKB 2014
This year we're bringing in James Gurney, creator of Dinotopia. Check out this year's line up of talent.
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Wanda Mumm & Bob Bateman
This is a short video interview where Wanda Mumm discusses the value of Art for Children with Bob Bateman.
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Bob Bateman Stole the Show
Bob Bateman is well known for his artistic accomplishments. But did you ever see his “Stand Up Routine”?
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Andrew Denman Belts it Out
Once again this year… Andrew outdid last year’s song with a new one that brought a standing ovation.
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And then there was the Pig
Food at the SKB Workshop is always a highlight… and this year’s special Pig Roast was a big hit.!.
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Bob Bateman Painting Demo
It was fabulous having Bob with us for this whole week. And to start things off… check out this video of Bob’s demo that he worked on during the week.
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