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This year’s Workshop was truly exceptional!
Another fabulous workshop in the can! Great classes • Great Instruction • Great Food
Great Field Trips • Great Evening Programs with Gurney!
All in all another pretty fabulous week in Wyoming!

Painting out on Wagon Box Ranch
SKB works closely with the local school and brings their students together for an intensive day-long training session with dozens of adult artist mentors from the SKB Workshop. And this unique training opportunity has created a magnificent enhancement to the local school Art Program with far reaching positive effects. If you'd like to know more about this unique program please contact the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation at .
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Learning from John Ruthven
John Ruthven at SKB, on sketching 2014.
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John Phelps advises Plein Air Painters
Plein Air Painters - The Susan Kathleen Black Foundation Artist Training Workshop... out in DuBois, Wyoming high country... is one of the top training workshops in the country for Plein Air Painters. And this year... instructor... John Phelps had a special hint that painters might consider!
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James Gurney paints the school bus
SKB Workshop 2014-James Gurney Paints a School Bus at Wagon Box Ranch
While artists and instructors spread out all over this sprawling ranch just west of Dubois, Wyoming… artist James Gurney set up his gear outside the front gate. And while everyone else was painting various features of the stunning landscape… James focused instead… on one of the school buses that brought the students out from town! It’s one of the cool features of James Gurney… his unique artistic eye for “subjects” to draw & paint.
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Group Photo of 175+ on 1st Morning 2014
Every fall the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation puts on an amazing week-long Artist Training Workshop in the magnificent high country landscape around DuBois, Wyoming. This year's has the largest enrollment ever, with artists coming from all over North America and Hawaii. 175 very talented artists... 20 top instructors... and a week of artistic bliss... in some of the most beautiful landscape in America.
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Gurney Discusses Casein & Gouache
James Gurney discusses painting in casein and gouache en plein air at the SKB workshop in Wyoming, Sept 2014.
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Painter’s Hats
he correct Artist Hat... especially for Plein Air Painters... has become a very important feature of the SKB Workshop in Dubois, Wyoming. Every year the artists who attend the SKB Workshop arrive wearing all manner of hats. And beginning in 2013 we’ve begun to document the tremendous variety seen in this unique artistic fashion… some of which is clearly… just for fun!.
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